According to LisaRaye McCoy, Will Smith Is Her Type & says We May Become Embedded

LisaRaye McCoy claims she would be open to being involved with Will Smith or, at the very least, a man of his calibre. When asked who she would like as a romantic partner on the Beauvais Going to Bed With Garcelle podcast, the actress responded that she found Will Smith attractive.

We can have an entanglement, LisaRaye responded after Garcelle reminded her that Will Smith is married. I’m talking about a Will Smith type, LisaRaye continued. He is very endearing. He is wealthy, a poet, and a philanthropist.He’s a wonderful father and humanitarian. LisaRaye McCoy made her remarks after Jada Pinkett-Smith acknowledged having an affair with August Alsina while she and Will Smith were divorcing and going through a difficult time in their marriage. Alsina’s allegations that Will authorized him to have a romantic relationship with his wife were also addressed by Pinkett-Smith.

She claimed that I became entangled in August in a different way. One misconception about you granting permission that I want to clear up is that in that situation, only I have the authority to do so. As she went on to say,

“But what August was probably trying to communicate, because I could see how he might take that as permission because we were amicably split up, and I believe he wanted to make it obvious he’s not a home-wrecker because he’s not.On Claudia Jordan’s Cocktails with Queens programme last month, LisaRaye discussed Jada’s contentious relationship with August. She referred to August when she said, I suppose and feel that he was a baby.

Now, if you want to date a younger person, go for it. However, given his predicament and the reason he had approached her, hurt and bleeding, how in the world did he manage to get off her lap before you climbed upon the d**k? I don’t comprehend.

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