Latest Beautiful Pictures of Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed in Australia

Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed went to Australia Sydney with Ahsan Khan where they were hosts at the Pakistan day event in Sydney, Australia organised by the Pakistan Australia Association. Event was attended by apprx 600 people and the hosts were so chilled out, friendly & unperturbed by the droves of people around them!

Some screaming “Darakhzai” as Ahsan khan came near, countless aunties clamoring to give hugs & kisses to the stars – yes Ahsan got plenty of those! Sab ko kehta in return, “Mujhay duayon mein yaad rakhiye ga”. 🙂 Bet they will! One enterprising lady came dressed as Sanober, the cousin madly in love with Darakhzai! (Pic on slide 3).

Hiba Bukhari is Looking lovely at the event and Ahsan Khan walked from table to table asking questions (whilst getting selfies taken etc) and then prizes would be given to the ones answering correctly. (report by afiablogs )

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