VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Seems To Push Passionate Fans While surround By Cr*wds

It clearly seems like Nicki Minaj put her hands on a thirsty stan who overran her private space in the centre of an enormous cr’*w’d of fans bat*ling to get a glimpse of the Rap celebrity this preceding Wireless Fest weekend in London. In the viral video posted and shared on the fan’s TikTok account,

Nicki can be watched yelling at fans, her officer escort her , personal s’ec*rity, and anybody else in an aggravating saga that spiral’led totally out of co’ntrol. The ‘Moment 4 Life’ rapper was in city headlining London’s Wireless Festival starring performances by Megan Thee Stallion,


City Girls, Cardi B, Summer Walker, Giveon, and many more rappers. Local police was tried and most of the they failed to control huge mobs who could observed fuming at the venue and jumping over the gates to access the star-studded event. One of the reason for

Nicki’s heightened aggressiveness could be her su*pected pregnancy that she dealt with in a current IG Live. At one juncture during the broadcast, Nicki was inquired if she and her husband Kenneth Petty were going to foreseeing another kid after stirring up noisy whimpers


with her extra curvaceous figure during that recent Essence Festival performance. That huge declaration had the tens of thousands of Barbz in Nicki’s IG Live going completely crazy, instantly flooding her

comment section with the “congratulations” and some wrote “we knew it.” Those reactions probably made Nicki Minaj feel what she just only said, which is when she will revealed things up.

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